Saturday, August 21, 2010


Jack is nine months old today!

He is crawling, climbing and pulling himself up in a desperate attempt to keep up with his big brother & sister!

I took him to the health unit the other day to find out how much he weighs etc as it seemed like he had just finished a growth spurt. Sure enough, he has grown a bit! While he is at 19lbs 8oz, he's still very tiny according to the "stats". Weight is 30%, height (just over 27") is just 15% and head funny enough is 46.7cm — a whopping 80%! Good things come in small packages though!

We are done nursing as of August 1st, and that's okay. He stopped being interested in it and was getting painful. So, we ended it on a good note and he loves his bottles! A couple weeks ago he wasn't interested in food, possibly his tum getting used to the formula, but he seems to be back on track. Now if only he got back onto his old sleeping habits and sleep all night and nap more. This waking twice a night business is nonsense.

It's a good thing you are cute!

Jack was supposed to be napping... instead he figured how to pull himself up and didn't know how to get back down! This was Friday... Saturday you were trying to climb the stairs and had a knee up at one point.. oy!

Look at them teeth! Four on top, two bottom!

This face cracks me up!

Look out world — here I come!