Monday, April 5, 2010


Wow! Another month since my last post.. well, sadly, blog has taken a very far back seat in the list of priorities. Sorry, blog. It's me, not you :P

Anyhoo.. here's what has happened the last month:

We had our 8th Wedding Anniversary! Mom and Dad watched all three kids so we could go out for a nice dinner together!

Mmm.. Shirley Temple!

I turned 31, had a lovely birthday. This is the drawing in my card from Ben :) It's a cyclops!

Mike, sadly, is laid off AGAIN. Here's hoping that something bigger & even better comes along.

Daisy & Ben went to the dentist. He had another cleaning (loves the dentist!) and it was her first visit. Her's was basically a chair ride, didn't want to open her mouth LOL! But as long as she isn't afraid, and we have no concerns, who cares!

Daisy turned TWO! What a big girl she is. We had a great party, rainbow themed! The cake was made by moi (YUMMY!) but was an experience to make. Tried to make fancy frosting, measured wrong, burnt out my mixer.. fail! Cool Whip & vanilla pudding to the rescue :) AND she is now in a big girl bed! She had mastered the art of climbing out, so, it was time. She is doing great in it.. so proud of her! Next up - potty training!

Her snazzy PINK run bike!

This one kills me.. I am making a fabric cover for her helmet (a kitty!).
Right now it looks like a piggy :P

Ben was very happy to get back to pre-school after the two week Spring Break. Tomorrow he gets to go on a field trip (with daddy!) to the fish hatchery. He is also going to be starting more swimming lessons next month.

Jack is sure changing! Near rolling to his side, reaching & grabbing for toys, passing from one hand to the other, teething (oh the drool!) and VERY strong. He just had his 4 month shots, took them like a champ (of course!), had the look-over at the doctor. He is a *tiny* guy! So much smaller than the other kids, like, 25th percentile! Daisy & Ben have always been at least 75th or higher, so it's different. Apart from his prolific spitting up, I'm not terribly worried, and the doctor isn't concerned as he is growing, just not as quick as the others/the"norm". His head circumference on the other hand is in the 90's, so it's all going to his brain lol! As a comparison, at this age, Ben was five pounds heavier than Jack, who is just 12.5 pounds right now. I guess he's the runt :) I'll start him on rice cereal in a few weeks I think, see if that gets him growing!

We had a great Easter. Mom & Dad were still here, and Mike's brother brought Granny (GG) out for the weekend as well. We even did a family photo outside!

The Merriman gang!

I soooo wish he was smiling here.. oh well!


Mom made her this fab little dress, using fabric that was from her mom (GG),
so it was probably intended to be used for her or her sister when they were little!