Wednesday, January 28, 2009

Double digit!

Happy 10 months Daisy! xo

Monday, January 26, 2009

Too many to count...

Today was full of first for Daisy! Holy cow..

1. She finally discovered she can stick out her tongue! I think she was proud of this.. she clicked her tongue most of the day!
2. And when she wasn't clicking or sticking it out, she was making kissing noises..
3. Or blowing bubbles. With spit. I blame this on Ben.
4. She clapped her hands!!!
5. There was a diaper mishap after her afternoon nap.. let's just say it messed and she played a bit :P

Oh, and she got another tooth today too. #8!

Saturday, January 24, 2009

What a weekend.. and it's only Saturday!

** Warning. This post is all about puke and poop! But no pictures!! **

We got the flu. Or should I say the flu got us?

Thursday night, as I was putting Ben to bed (repeatedly) he kept telling me that his tummy hurt. You now the tale of the boy who cried wolf? Well, I think that was based on Ben. We have heard this so many times... "I have to pee. Fix my blanket. I can't find Teddy." The boy will think of anything to stall bedtime some nights. Most nights he is a-ok, but others not so much.

9:15 I heard sobbing (I was downstairs watching TV). Open his door to a mess of puke. OMG. Ick. Okay.. panic control. Calm him down, clean up and run a bath all at once. And do it quietly so Daisy doesn't wake (their rooms are next to each other). Mike was at Starbucks studying for a test the next day so I called him and said "YOU NEED TO COME HOME NOW BEN JUST PUKED EVERYWHERE!" click.

Needless to say, I spent the night in Ben's bed with him puking every 40 mins or so, then to hear Daisy puking in her bed, in her sleep. Didn't have the heart to wake her up, moved her to other end of crib, covered the area and went back to dealing with Ben. I was a zombie.. Poor Mike had to get sleep as he had school/test the nest day. Then at about 3, I started to feel it. No puking for me, but lots of bathroom trips :( Mike got up at 4 or so to help, Daisy puked again, Ben seemed to slow down. Laundry started at 4:30. Can't even count how many loads I have done. Mike stayed home Friday morning from school, but he had to leave by 9:30 for his test. But I was able to sneak in a couple hours of sleep before. THANK YOU MIKE!!

So, it was a super pukey poopy weekend. I am just starting to feel 100%, now I have woman-troubles to deal with. FUN. Daisy had a messy diaper incident right after her bath tonight, of course, so I am hoping it was a one time thing and we'll have a decent night sleep. It was so great to sleep in my own bed last night, not cramped with a pukey-toddler in a creaky twin bed!

Off to wash more clothes, rags, towels and blankets and sit with the heating pad. Hopefully the ice-cream buckets can be put away for another day. And lesson learned? Oh ya. Going to playgroups is a gamble on whether you will be healthy or not the next day! GRR. Makes me not want to leave my house. EVER!

On the bright side, Mike is healthy!! :D

Tuesday, January 20, 2009

Trouble = fun!

Daisy is getting to be such a bundle of mischief! She can climb the stairs lickety split.. has been busted "playing" in the toilet, can climb her chair and Ben's, to help her get onto the little table. And then fall off.

Her favourite game is taking the books off of the shelves. Ben likes to help at this of course..

At least she is cute :)

Is he FINALLY interested??

I have been trying (and not forcing!) to teach Ben the alphabet for quite some time. He has been SO not into wanting to learn them, so I just give up for a while, try again.

This past week he has all of a sudden into writing letters, recognizing them ("Look mommy! The fountain looks like a letter 'M'!") and I couldn't be happier!! And he is happy & proud! He is actually wanting to colour in colouring books, too. Carrots are orange, grass is green, the sky is even blue! Up to this point he did a fab job at just one big scribble on the page. But he rocked that scribble! He was proud of that scribble!

He is growing up so fast.. this afternoon we are going to meet with a lovely lady about pre-school in the fall. Fingers crossed!

Robot fun

Ben loves robots. We often talk like robots during meals. I had to buy a new kitchen garbage can, so we had this lovely box.. what to do with it?? Make a robot!

What's that smell??

Saturday night we turned on the gas fireplace upstairs and after a while the upstairs smelled HORRIFIC! I checked downstairs to see if there was a *eeks* fire from the wood stove (nothing). I knew it was the fireplace so we turned it off right away. Mike wondered if Ben put something in the grill.. sure enough.

He put in one of my business cards, which is plastic. We asked, he confessed. At least it didn't go up in flames!

Thursday, January 8, 2009

The ladies

One of the coolest gifts we received for Daisy this Christmas were these little ladies made by Kerry. LOVE THEM!


So, seeing as I got a snazzy new camera for Christmas, I gots to do a photo update!


Ooooh... Aaahhh...

Papa imitating Daisy...

Ben wanted 'cool dude spikey hair for my friends' this morning. Ta-da!
(Ya, he has two imaginary friends.. Mac & Roly)

Ben vs stamp pad. It ended in a tie.

Daisy sleeping.. it was past 8 so I snuck in and got some shots :)

And she is awake!


Seeing as it's a new year, and we have had MANY changes already, why not another and start a new blog! My plan for this one is to focus on all of us, not just the kids. Changes we want to do to the house, trips, design, you name it!

We are hoping 2009 is a bit of a clean slate.. the last year ended with a big load of crap (sickness, death, wallet stolen, fraud because of it) all around Christmas, but thank goodness for Ben, Daisy and our wonderful families— they made it all worth while!

Right now we are waiting for our new phone to be hooked up with a (you guessed it) new number! BIG change. We had that number for 10 years I think, but the new telephone company can't transfer it over (sorry Kerry.. I know it's horrible!).

I am still tweaking and changing this layout, bear with me. My days are busy!