Tuesday, June 22, 2010


Ben graduated pre-school today! The year FLEW by.. of course having a baby part-way through made everything seem to go by even faster ;)

Way to go Ben!!! Next step — kindergarten!

Monday, June 21, 2010


Jack is seven months old today!

My teeny tiny guy is growing up so fast, changing every day! He's napping on his tummy at times, sitting up and chewing-chewing-chewing! Still just two teeth, who knows when there will be more. Sleeping has gotten better the last while, but naps are quite short (like, 30 mins if I am lucky). Of course the days he naps longer than that are when Daddy is watching him! BUT at least there is a bit of a daytime routine in terms of timing. That's tricky to do when you have three kids 4 and under!

At his 6 month vaccincation/check-up last month he weighed 15lbs and was 26" long, his head 44cm (his head is always in the higher percentile, all his smarts LOL!) He's so small & tiny! I don't like to compare too much as to what the others were at their milestones, but he's just so physically different than them! Doc says he's a-ok though, growing but just at a different rate!

He's such a sweet & cuddly guy (he really does give hugs!). I call him a koala bear because if given the chance, he grabs your arms and pulls you in, hanging on for dear life! I am still nursing him, which is so great. The others weaned themselves at around 4-5 months, and they were also biters! Ouch!). Not sure how long we will keep it up, but right now he doing great with it and I don't wanna pay for formula if I don't have to! He's on solids now, loving all the foods I cook up for him.

Love you, Jack ;)

Meeting his Great-Grandma — she came for a week visit at the end of May.
Miss you Grandma!!!

Tuesday, June 15, 2010

Pink Candy

In this nice weather, we've been taking the kids for a walk, rewarding them with a wee slurpee (Mike and I get Iced Caps!) and then carry on our walk.

Last night, while sitting down for a few in the store, Daisy asked Mike if she could have pink candy. Well, more like "Daddy? Pink candy?" The girl loves pink. She had a pink hair clip in, pink sweater, pink tights, pink sandals (with hot pink toe nails) AND was drinking a pink cotton candy slurpee. Mike's response? "No, Daisy. They don't make pink candy."

She stared at him, looked over his shoulder (at the aisle with candy!) and so plainly replied "Um. Right there" and pointed.

LOVE HER! I think we laughed about it half a dozen times last night.