Tuesday, July 28, 2009

Heat wave

I have been trying to do a new post, but unfortunately we are having a heat wave and it's just taken over! Everyone is grumpy, tired, uncomfortable and cranky. It's 11pm and the house is still 29 degrees. Does NOT make for a happy, comfortable pregnant lady!

We are going camping on Friday — hoping for a bit cooler weather! This humid muggy stuff we have here is gross!

Sunday, July 5, 2009

Family dates

Last Sunday we ventured to Vancouver to go to the Aquarium. Ben hadn't been there in a while, and we got him all pumped up to see the new baby beluga. It was crazy busy though (first Sunday that school was out, beluga was born recently — what were we thinking!) and as a result it was hard to take pictures when you were elbow to elbow with people, watching your kids and the stroller all at the same time. Oy!

Tuesday Mike didn't have any work, so we had an early Canada Day at the Zoo, and it was so much fun. It wasn't busy at all, not too hot and the kids did great! Ben got his face painted (LION!) right away, loving it as you can see! The train was a lot of fun, Daisy LOVED it, pointing at all the animals trying to tell me everything she was seeing. So cute! Ben made a new friend, this cute donkey that was leaning on the fence. And of course as much as we told him NOT to touch him, he did pat him very carefully and thought he was so cute. He wanted to bring him home :P

Now we are sweltering with the heat, not wanting to do much at all, hanging out in the basement or the shade in the yard. This pregnant mama is looking forward to some cooler weather :P

Next weekend we are going to the Steveston Water Park, a birthday party for little Camille who is turning 1!