Saturday, January 30, 2010

January came & went...

And what a month! Christmas was great! It was awesome to be able to spend a week at Mom & Dad's, visit with all the family. I am keeping very busy with the kids, work, and home stuff. Mike had a lot of work in the beginning of the month, and now it's tapered off thanks to the Olympics (things shutting down because their won't be access, business actually having to close because of it) and is now laid off and looking for work. Something will come up though, it has to!

Ben is doing wonderful at pre-school. He is writing his name, identifying letters & numbers and can sing the alphabet song all by himself. He is learning his left & rights, being very helpful around the house and getting rewards for doing so. Soon I will be registering him for Kindergarten! Crazy! He LOVES his baby brother, can calm him down when he cries. I was listening to him talk to Jack the other day, when Jack was in his bouncy chair, and he was getting fussy. Ben sat beside him and talked to him *very* quietly, telling him that it was okay and he stopped crying. I commended him later on being so great with Jack and thanked him. Ben said "Ya, I am a baby calmer!". I think he has seen the "Dog Whisperer" show with us too much! He is really great with the dogs, too.Feeding them when we ask him to, lets them outside for a pee, etc. A big helper!

Talking to Granny on the phone :D

Mmm... baking cookies!

Daisy... what a girl! She is smart as a whip. She understands EVERYTHING! Her level of communication astounds us every day, putting two & three words together no problem. She knows so many animal sounds, learning some numbers & letters, and is getting very good at using manners. She is so happy, a wee bit obsessive compulsive (!) and very loving. When she sees Jack in the morning, after naps, etc, it's like she is seeing him for the first time! "JACK!" So cute. She is also very good at pushing Ben's buttons and getting into trouble! The terrible twos have sure been introduced! One of the most exciting things is that she has gone on the potty twice! Tonight she even told Mike that she had to go (they were getting out of the hot tub) and sure enough she went pee!

Mike caught her by surprise.. love it!

And Jack! Our littlest monkey.. he is sure growing. Monday was his 8 week check-up and vaccinations. He is 11.5 pounds and 23.5" long. He did SO great with getting his three needles, just a bit of fussing and then he sucked on my finger and nearly fell asleep. He is smiling all the time, giggles coming out and entertaining us non-stop! Sleeping wise, he is doing great. He falls asleep on me around 8:30 or 9, then I wake him up around 11 for a quick diaper change and feed (he pees a LOT!) and will sleep until 7 or later. Even though he doesn't really nap much during the day, and that's been better the last couple of days, I can't complain.

... you sure do, Jack!

His smirk that came before the smile!

Sleeping on Daddy..

Using his Bumbo chair, smiling at Daisy.

The onesie was a gift from Mike's Nana :P

They snuggled in voluntarily to give Jack loves!