Monday, May 4, 2009


The stomach flu has hit the kids HARD. My goodness... it's so hard to see them like this.

Saturday we went to the Zoo. When we came home that afternoon, Daisy starting puking right before dinner (sorry, I have been around it too much to tip-toe around it!) and had some BAD diapers, resulting in a bath at midnight, then Ben coming into bed with me and puking. I spent the WHOLE night in bed with him, he was puking every half an hour and it has just gone on and on and on and on. Daisy started to get better yesterday, actually ate a wee bit, walking around etc, but then she spiked a high fever and was SO lethargic. I was so scared about dehydration so we went to the ER. I knew they would tell me to just keep doing what we were doing, which they did, but we did learn a few things and felt better having them checked out. Late night though.

Today Ben seems to be a bit better, but still puking. Daisy is still lethargic, but sleeping it off thanks to Gravol suppositories (sorry my babies!).

Will update about our trip to the zoo later..