Tuesday, April 21, 2009


For those of you who don't know, I am expecting baby number three! I will put a link to the left to go to my pregnancy blog :)


Pics of what the Easter Bunny left for the kids! Ben got a Gardena garden tool set and a kite. Daisy got a couple books and a stuffed toy.. Granny & Grampa also gave them some clothes, Daisy got new Robeez, and a couple treats.

We did a little hunt around the house (it was raining too hard outside) and had a good day! It was nice and quiet, just us, no running around or big dinners to prepare. Of course these are the only pictures I took of the whole day (bad mommy).

Daisy at the park

Ben was too busy riding, so all I got shots of was Daisy — when she wasn't trying to eat the rocks.

Pasta night!

New bike trailer & bike...

Ben is just like his dad.. he LOVES bike riding, or doing anything around bikes. We were given a little two wheeler (with training wheels) for him to learn on, an upgrade from the tricycle. He would ride that all day if he could. His "new old bike" he called it. He was getting really good on it, even was able to balance in the middle on just the two wheels. We told him that if he got better at it, that his reward was a new bike. Not sure if this was more for him or for Mike to get to take him to the bike store (no Canadian Tire specials here), but this Saturday was THE DAY!

I had just bought a new bike trailer off of Craigslist (smokin' deal!) and they were trying it out for the first time. They were going to go to the bike store to "look".

He didn't want his picture taken.. surprise surprise.

Suffered through this one..

Ben's new Norco Macho bike!

I think he likes it :)