Tuesday, June 16, 2009


Look at those teeth!
She is working on all four eye teeth right now too. Wow (her new favourite word)

Ben bouncing back onto his feet from a bum-drop for the first time.
He was fine by the way :) Wanted to see the video over and over and over...
** Ignore the crappy resolution, was taken on my cell phone. Both were actually :P

Monday, June 1, 2009


Finally an update! After the kids had the flu, I got it for a day and a bit, and I think Mike did as well. Seems like so long ago I don't remember — and of course baby brain doesn't help!

The zoo was SO much fun though.. the kids had a blast, the weather was great, Ben even got to hold Benson the owl in the "Rapter" show. He is still talking about it :)

We have been doing hard work here and there, playing lots, cooking hot dogs over our fire pit & eating dinner outside and watching everything grow! Ben named our rhubarb plant Big Leaf, he just loves watching it grow, commenting every so often on how much he's grown! It was Mike's birthday on the 20th, and Ben helped me make rhubarb cake — except he told Daddy that we baked him "roast beef cake"!! Either way, it was a yummy roast beef cake! Lots of projects underway and getting started/finished around the house.. kitchen backsplash (tile is finally ordered!), re-doing the hot tub surround, filling in the hole in deck from fish pond (raccoons ate them all mid-May), painting our bedroom/bathroom and of course we gotta paint the kids rooms! And all of this done before the baby comes?!? Hmm.

This few Saturdays ago we had family pictures taken with my friend Sarah. It was so much fun. We went to Whonnock Lake here in Maple Ridge, not that far from home. The weather was perfect, and of course I wasn't prepared for water play — no towels, toys, changes of clothes. Lesson learned! She has given some sneak peeks and I am so excited to see the rest!

Tomorrow we are off to the Island — Lake Days in Lake Cowichan at Granny & Grampa's! I am sure Ben will love seeing the parade even more than last year :) Pics to come of that!